Joshua 5:14

Why Some Pastors Should Avoid Politics  

Proverbs 31 

New International Version 

Sayings of King Lemuel 

31 The sayings of King Lemuel—an inspired utterance his mother taught him. 

Listen, my son! Listen, son of my womb! 
    Listen, my son, the answer to my prayers! 
3 Do not spend your strength[a] on women, 
    your vigor on those who ruin kings. 

It is not for kings, Lemuel— 
    it is not for kings to drink wine, 
    not for rulers to crave beer, 
5 lest they drink and forget what has been decreed, 
    and deprive all the oppressed of their rights. 


Politics is a dangerous field because it can involve a lot of corruption. We saw a lot of corruption in the Obama era. Obama went to many different African American churches, but he passed a law that completely goes against what the Bible says about homosexuality. The Word of God says in Leviticus 18:22, “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.” Obama continues to manipulate the ignorance and lack of education in African American churches to cause people to agree with sins that go against the Word of God.  

But this is just not about Obama. We saw the same thing with Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump did have a transgender ban on the military which is right. However, his comments about women are really leading toward the field of sexual harassment. Oh, and let us not forget about good ol’ Joe Biden. Apart from the terrible gas prices (which I am beginning to take a little personal) he “allegedly” sexual assaulted a woman a few years ago and yet it was swept under the rug. The problem is that when preachers promote him that blood is on their hands. Discernment and wisdom would say to have no part in this.  

This post is not to prevent Christians from working in the government because more Christians need to work in the government. I believe that if more Christians worked in the government America would be in a way better position economically, emotionally, and spiritually. I even believe if more Christians would work in the government that God would keep this country from war… BUT America has decided to reject God and now God has rejected America. When certain pastors endorse political leaders and then they are caught in a scandal it makes the church look bad when those pastors bypass their sin as “grace.” You cannot really pinpoint someone else’s sin without looking at your own. In the future it is best if the church avoids endorsing certain candidates because honestly the result is looking like an idiot. In Jesus Name. Amen.  

  • Apostle Diamond S. Chessier  


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