Prophecy: The Truth About Domestic Violence

Prophecy : The Truth About Domestic Violence 

Hey guys, I was watching something and I have to address something. I am not a clout chaser type of pastor and I did NOT want to write about this but I HAVE to because this couple has made their way to the church. So let’s talk about this little girl named Chrisean and her rapper boyfriend blueface. Hear what I say.. I do NOT agree with the nakedness of her boyfriend blueface. Remember I am an Apostle and Pastor. I do not condone his nakedness. However, God has spoken to me about this little girl named Chrisean. 

  1. You have to understand that Chrisean has a mental illness and she does take steroids. I can tell by her back alignment when she fights. I took sports medicine and management . 
  2. It is NOT normal for a woman to antagonize a man to that degree in regard to domestic violence. 
  3. The church she attended which was The Potter’s House LA has a reputation for motivating bitter women and demasculinizing men. Case and point when Bishop T.D. Jakes told Toure Roberts that he had to submit to his wife which is against God’s word in the Book of Ephesians. 

Whether people receive it or not you will know a prophet has been among you. The devil is using Chrisean and satan is going to use Chrisean to travel to different wicked churches preaching that she hates men. The things that she is doing while she is pregnant is not normal. She should not be smoking and doing drugs while pregnant. She should not have homosexual relations with other women in the club while pregnant. She has a mental illness. Now if her boyfriend wants to continue to be abused by her, that is his decision. But as for the body of Christ do not allow women to become motivated by her because she has a very demonic assignment from the devil and she is demonically inspired. Churches should ban her from their institutions. I know that everything that she stands for is indeed banned from mine. 

Let The Prophet Speak, 

Apostle Diamond Chessier-Jackson 

22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. – Ephesians 5:22

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